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Clivir is a free learning community portal with diverse content on a wide range of topics.

We welcome advertisers to place their advertising banners on any of our Clivir classrooms.

Placement Types and Rates

You may choose to place your advertising banners in any of the classrooms on
Your ads will appear in all the lessons that are located within the classroom.

Placement A (Above the fold): $200 Monthly
Ad sizes: 486x60, 300x250 or 336x300

Placement B (Right Navigation): $150 Monthly
Ad sizes: 120x600 or 160x600

Placement C (Below the content block): $120 Monthly
Ad sizes: 486x60, 300x250 or 336x300

To Make an Order:

Please send your advertising enquires to, including the following details:

Classroom: (Classroom Name and URL)

Advertising Placement: (A, B or C)

Advertising Banner Type: (486x60, 300x250, 336x300)

Placement Period: (1st Jan 2011 - 30th June 2011)