Clivir is Fab

23rd of March 2009

Clivir has been rated as one of the 100 Fabulous Social Networks and Communities for Lifelong Learners

Clivir V2

26th of January 2009

Clivir changes have now been made. Check out what we have done. We have added feed aggregators for your classrooms so teachers can add RSS content, new ways to answer questions with video and images. We have also added in Creative Commons licence options for lessons and much much more. Let us know your feedback.

Redesign and upgrade

28th of December 2008

As you may have noticed the site has been changing a little to hopefully make clivir better for for you. At times we have needed to stop our service in order to make changes. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Clothe us

15th of November 2008

We have opened up merchandising to our members. If you want to make money by creating and selling stuff that promotes Clivir then go for it. Check out how.

Do you speak Clivir?

21st of October 2008

We have had a few members recently join up from non-english speaking countries and we are really happy to see this. We apologise that we are not supporting you fully at this stage as Clivir is english based but we hope to do better soon.

Check out some reviews of Clivir translated from Spanish, French and German.

Thanks for spreading the word!

20th of October 2008

Thanks to those who are spreading the word about Clivir through blogs and comments.

Here is a recent mention of Clivir in relation to Online Classes and the potential use of it for pupils.

Killer Startup

15th of October 2008

Clivir is a Killer Startup. Killer Startups list and reviews new internet start ups.

Clivir in Puerto Rico

7th of October 2008

Clivir has been blogged by Prof Antonio Delgado Perez from the University of Puerto Rico.

Check it out here : Enseña o aprende con Clivir.... if you do not speak Spanish try this or even better request some spanish lessons on Clivir and read the original. Thanks for spreading the word Professor!

Interview with Vishal

7th of October 2008

Vishal Sharma follows startups in Australia. He asked a few questions about what we were up to and how Clivir came about.

You can find out more at his blog : Clivir Learning Community . Thanks for supporting Australian startups Vishal.

Clivir got mashed

2nd of October 2008

Clivir got reviewed on Mashable by Doriano "Paisano" Carta. Paisano had some great suggestions for improvement.

Check out the review: Clivir's Tutorial Community Lets You Be the Student and the Teacher

Who loves to learn?

29th of September 2008

We do and Dean does too. We noticed Dean Newman was interested in learning more about photography. So we put the hat around and scored $50 for him to spend at a bookstore to further his knowledge. Nice one mate.

Getting blogged

26th of September 2008

We love to get blogged not just because it spreads the words but also because its great to see people that are passionate enough about Clivir to take the time to write a few words.

Sandnsurf blogged us. Clivir Online Learning Community. Thanks Mike

Thanks to the CSU Library for recommending Clivir to those at Charles Sturt University How Very Clivir


23rd of September 2008

Mike Watkins from Technation said "the Clivir team really want to help people learn". Thanks Mike, Kim and the team at Technation for checking out Clivir.

Have a look at Technations review: Come Hither To Clivir


19th of September 2008

Angus Kidman from Lifehacker has taken the time to review Clivir. Thanks Angus!

Check it out: Clivir Builds Online Tutorials

... 3,2,1 lift off !

25th of August 2008

Well after a year in the making, Clivir is live. We hope you like your learning community.