Baby Shower and Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas, Kits and Supplies
Baby Shower and Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas, Kits and Supplies
Dec 21, 2010
Discover new ideas about birthday cake decoration. Learn new techniques in baking cakes and cupcakes by visiting our site today.
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Special occasions must have a presence of an appetizingly delicious and beautiful cake. Buying cakes that are made from known baking shops will surely cost you more. In this article you will be given some decorating ideas that will give your homemade-cake the most appetizing look as it can be!

Themes for cake Decoration

Fun and Play Theme

Fun and play theme uses a lot of color, glitter and splash. In this kind of theme you can use different shapes and decorations like, hearts, stars, moon, sun, balloons, and animals. Usually, this kind of theme is used for joyous occasion such as, birthday parties and get together with your family. Using this theme can transform your normal looking cake to a fun and dazzling looking work of art!

Floral Theme

This is the classic and most popular theme for cake decoration. Using floral patters with a good touch of colors like, pink, purple, lavender, yellow and some green leaves would make your perfect floral cake. Floral theme cakes are frequently used for wedding, debuts, and mothers day.

Cartoon Themes

Another theme that kids loved and adored is the Cartoon themes. We all know that kids love cakes, a better way to surprise them is by combining these two things that they adored – Cakes and Cartoons. A cartoon theme cake can be decorated by drawing a cartoon character or using readymade cartoon character from molded icing. Famous cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Garfield, Hello Kitty or Tom n Jerry will surely make son or daughter smile.

Romantic Theme

This particular theme uses any soft-color icing and heart shaped icing on the top or a cute cupid. This is frequently used for Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, or simply your sweetheart’s special day. For final touch, you can use some sparkly candy sprinkles that will surely make your love blush.

Cake decoration supplies that will help you

Professional Icing Smoother: Used for smoothing icing on top and sides of cakes. This is a professional baker’s tool is usually made of bendable but well-built polypropylene.

Decorating Moulds: This will help you to create shapes staring from the simple shapes such as triangles, stars, circles, hearts and squares to more complex shapes like smiley faces, flowers and also cartoon characters. In addition, these moulds also have imprints of text for alphabets and numbers in order to help you in making your cakes more personalized by adding names, age or any decoration that you want.

Icing Bags: This will help you create beautiful patterns of icing on your cake. Using an icing bag is similar to a pen, you will easily apply some pressure to the bag in able for the icing sugar to flow out through the tip and then go with the designs that you want. You can draw anything, from cartoons, shapes, alphabets, and letters and so on. The icing bag also comes with changeable tips that will aid you in creating more complex designs.

Readymade flowers: For those people who don’t have enough time in design icing flowers, the readymade icing flowers are the easiest answer for that.

Edible decorative Sprinkles: Give your cake sprinkles that are colorful and sparkly. This can give your personalized cake a dazzling and excellent look. The sprinkles can be randomly spread on the surfaces of your cake to add effects.

There are sites on the web that are offering help in decorating and giving personalized touches on your cakes. An example site is that offers professional help from expert bakers that are hired to give advices for people who are planning to make cakes. In addition, you can also get decorating ideas and pictures of cakes that are really good.


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