Best Cake Decorating Kits for Kids and Beginners
Best Cake Decorating Kits for Kids and Beginners
Dec 21, 2010
Want to discover where to find good cake decorating kits? Learn new ideas about cake decoration by visiting our site today.
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For beginners who are inspired to create their own master piece of home-made cakes. For the kids who have to get some fun by baking cupcakes and cakes! And for others who just want to spend quality time with their kids through making cakes. .

Here are some easy to follow cake decorating ideas and tips that can serve as beginners aid for you.

  • An easy technique in making your cake elegant is by dusting it with powdered sugar. This will serve as beautiful white snow on your cake. In addition, you can use a stencil for making a theme such as: shapes and other geometric designs.

  • For a more three-dimensional design, you can purchase ready made decorations that are available to baking shops. You can use letters, numbers, shapes, sprinkles and even cute toys as toppers for your cake.

  • Sprinkle your cake with candy, shredded coconut, cashew nuts and chocolate shavings. These will give your cake a special and tasty look. You can also use fruits such as strawberries, mangoes and bananas to give a more mouth watering look for your cake. Put it at the side of your cake or just make an elaborate pattern of many kinds of fruits on the top.

  • Another is by using decorating triangle or a decorating comb. A decorative comb is just a simple piece of metal or plastic with a variety of shapes. This will add texture to your cake frosting. This is the best option that you can do if you are having a hard time in getting your icing smooth.

Watch videos that are related to Cake Decoration

Watch videos on YouTube that will surely give you the ideas that you need in decorating your cakes. You can learn how to make rose designs with the use of icing how to make cartoon decoration from molded icing and more. Here is a simple decorating idea for a 10 year old that I have watched through YouTube. In the video, a simple rectangular cake was decorated with blue icing and then at the top little fishlike candies is added. At the end, the simple cake is transformed to an adorable under the sea themed cake.

These easy cake decorating ideas that I have listed will help you transform all your cakes into beautiful and adorable cakes. Keep on practicing these simple techniques and then you can also consider taking some expert advices. You can get expert advices by visiting some sites that are focusing in lending a hand for helping people with their cake decorating problems. A very good site that you can visit is In this site, you can seek help from expert chefs that are paid to answer calls concerning about decorating cakes.

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