Birthday Cake Designs and Ideas for Kids, Women and Adults
Birthday Cake Designs and Ideas for Kids, Women and Adults
Dec 24, 2010
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We can all say that birthdays are incomplete without the presence of cakes that pleases the eyes. Cake decorating have always been a subject for change, wide array of designs, themes and decorations are now countless because of the broad imaginations of people. It is true that there are endless possibilities in cake decorating. In birthday cake decorating, the cake design must be connected to the person who is celebrating. Age, gender, interest and dislikes must be take in consider when designing a cake.

Here are some ideas for cake decorating that will surely loved by kids

If the birthday celebrator is a boy or a girl who is an enthusiast of sports, you can use designs such as, baseball bat, basketball, rugby ball and tennis racket that will surely make their heart jumped out! You can also use a design that mimics their favorite cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Donald duck and other more. In using cakes for gifts and not considering the gender, you can give designs such as airplanes, mermaid, pirates or clowns that are colorful. If it’s a girl, then you can use designs such as a doll, in particular Barbie. Further, gadgets like laptops, computers, cellular phones and I-pods are used as cakes designs for adolescents. If your son or daughter loves to read, you can give her or him a cake that looks like his or her favorite book, to be precise Harry potter, Lord of the Rings and Narnia. Kids will surely love animal shaped cakes, farm animals such as horse, sheep, cow and so on. Machines like car, bulldozer, fire trucks, police cars, tractor, train and even bicycle should also be a good idea for cakes. Super heroes like Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Wonder woman and so on, will surely be an interesting cake idea too. In addition, if you can’t mold the fondant to imitate the superhero, you can always make use of their emblem to simplify the work.

Adult cake design

Cake designs for adults are so broad. Grown-ups have different interest; it can be their work, material stuffs (cars, laptops, house) and more often their family. As I said in the later part of this article, the cake design must be connected to the person you are giving.

Find help from experts

You can also ask help from experts. How? Visiting sites that will help you with your decorating problems such decorating themes, edible decorating toppers, theme for cakes and fondant molding and so on. A site that is good for this is In this site you will be given professional advice from expert chefs that are paid to answer questions about baking. There are also baking tips and materials that are present in this site. Take a visit to this site and discover more ideas in baking.


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