Buttercream Wedding Cake Designs and Decoration Ideas
Buttercream Wedding Cake Designs and Decoration Ideas
Dec 24, 2010
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Buttercream is the most popular cake frosting that is famous for its sweetness and smooth texture. Using buttercream as wedding cake decorations is much easier than most of people thinks.

Buttercream versus Fondant

Fondant is the latest craze for decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies. It is known for its dull and smooth finish that it gives. It is flexible, it can be rolled out, sliced and can be cut to thin layers to serve as a base for interesting details and decoration for cakes. While buttercream will always be the favorite frosting in America. The ongoing interest in fondant is just threatening the buttercream in its spot at the top.

We all know that Fondant is the latest, but buttercream frosting will never be disregarded as an option. Its sweet light taste and the fluffy texture make it a permanent favorite flavor of all. Buttercream’s taste is far superior and its price is more economical than fondants.

Tips about wedding cake

  • First and foremost, you have to choose your dress, the place of the reception, the receptions decoration, colors of the decoration and the things that will affect the design of your cake, then you can start to choose what theme of cake you will use.

  • You should decide a theme for wedding cake that will fit the overall appearance of your wedding reception.

  • It is much better if you already have an idea on your mind of a wedding cake that you will use. This approach is a little bit harder, but after that everything will perfectly match.

  • The bride and the groom should always think that people will notice wedding cake designs and decorations.

  • Pictures of other wedding cakes can be the basis of your unique and beautiful wedding cake design. Keeping that in mind will surely enhance your idea of a wedding cake and reception.

There are many approaches on how you can choose the design of your wedding cake. Traditional white wedding cakes are not your only option now! There are now artistically done wedding cakes that are always available for use. Unlike in the past, wedding cakes today are so different. They differ on how couples wanted their wedding cakes to be. In addition, designs like cupcake towers are also popular today for wedding cakes. Traditional round shape cakes are now part of the past because of the existing new designs available now. Many people choose unique designs, but there are still couples that like the traditional round shaped cakes.

Seek opinion from the web

This is an option if you don’t have the money to buy wedding cake from a baker. You can visit sites that give professional tips from experts chefs that they are paying for their knowledge about cake decorating. Like YummyArts.com, you can throw any concerns about cake decorating, cake themes and many more to this site.


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