Cookie Decorating Ideas for Baby Shower and Kids Birthday
Cookie Decorating Ideas for Baby Shower and Kids Birthday
Dec 24, 2010
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Birthday parties and baby showers are exciting and fun time for both kids and parents. The decorations, music, refreshments and gifts are always present in this kind of parties. Commonly, it is so usual to provide finger foods for the kids and their parents. One of the most popular finger foods are cookies. Today, people are also using frosting for cookies that kids certainly love. There are also cookie bouquets that are sold from many grocery stores. People who serve frosted cookies at a baby shower or kid’s party can say that it is a great way to partner cookies to refreshments. Here are some ideas about cookie decorating ideas that you can use for birthday parties and baby showers.

Cookie Favor

If you want your guest to leave something with them, you can try to give delicious cookie favors. A cookie favor is a small cookie that is link with your birthday or baby shower party theme. You can make one of these by wrapping the favors with the use of colored cellophane and then tie them with a cute ribbon or in a container that is decorated with your party theme.

Baskets and Bouquets of Cookie

Basket and bouquet of cookie can be used to have a creative way in serving sweet treats without getting out with your party theme. If the birthday party is a garden theme, your can frost the cookies to mimic flowers or butterflies. Put them in a bucket with some colored green paper or green Easter grass. If your theme is a superhero themed party in particular Spider-Man, you can frost the cookies to look like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and then hang them with a giant web of spider that is made of plastic. Also, cookie baskets can emphasize your party theme. For example, a Little Red Riding Hood theme would be very effective with the famous basket that the main character has. Decorate cookies so that they will match the character from the story and then place them in the basket.

Cookie Cake

This is a huge cookie that has been frosted with the use of icing. You can cut this big cookie into pieces and then serve it to the guest. It is also possible to decorate this cookie to look like a regular cake. You can write the name of the birthday celebrator on the cookie as a surprise. Adding decorations such as flowers, trees, spiders, flowers, balloons or any fun designs will be very good, just keep in mind not to go away from the theme. is a site that offers excellent decorating ideas about cake, cupcake and cookie decoration. You will have the opportunity to throw questions that are concerned about decorating. Questions will be answered by their professional chefs that are always willing to help.


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