Cupcake Designs for Kids Birthday and Baby Showers
Cupcake Designs for Kids Birthday and Baby Showers
Dec 24, 2010
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Birthday parties will never complete without a birthday cake. I’m sure you have tried the usual pineapple upside down, chocolate, mocha, black forest cake with some toppings for birthdays and baby showers. Getting bored about the usual cake flavors and designs, you will think about a unique way on how you can celebrate the birthday of your son or daughter with a cake that is really pleasant to look and delicious to eat. Cakes are very traditional! Do you want to have a birthday cake that is out of the usual? You can try using cupcakes for birthday cake. How? Following some of these birthday cupcake decorating ideas will surely help you in giving your son or daughter the best cake he or she will ever had.

How to decorate a cupcake In decorating cupcakes, you can choose from decorating icing like buttercream and fondant. You can use candy corns, candy sprinkles, small chocolates, gumdrops, peppermints, jelly jams, jelly, fruits, fruit leather, grated coconut and nuts and many more. You can also use simple icing pen for the icing and broad types of edible cake decorations such as powdered sugar that are readily available in stores.

Ideas for cupcake decoration

In order for you to make a birthday cupcake, you should have to decorate each cupcake uniquely and arrange them together to form different shapes. The following are ideas for decorating cupcakes which you can combine to create a cool birthday cake.


Gumdrops are the best add-ons that you can use for cupcakes. They are available with different colors and can be used creatively to make different designs. The first thing that you have to do is decorate the cupcake with frosting (colored or even white). You can also create hilarious facial features using these gumdrops.

Candy corns

Candy corns are popularly used in Halloweens, but can also be used for cupcake decorations. First, ice the cupcake and then arrange the candy corns vertically at the edge of the cupcake. Also horizontally, as a shape of a sun, star or a flower, then put the gumdrop at the center. Alphabets and shape will also make an exciting design.

Jam and Jelly Frosting

Yellow colored frosting can be use to create smiley faces on the cupcakes and then decorate it with fruits. Fruit leathers can also be use for decorating; it is easy to cut to form different shapes like hearths, star and other more. You can also fill the center with jelly or jam and then decorate it with frosting or fondant.


You have the power to transform a cupcake into a soccer ball, basket ball or baseball, with the use of colorful icing and drawing it with the help of an icing pen. Cover the cupcake with chocolate fondant, then decorate it with the use of fresh fruits pieces like apples, cherries, strawberries, apples and also nuts. You can also sprinkle rainbow colored candies or chocolates.

You will surely have a great birthday cake if you will follow these decorating ideas. You can also learn more ideas by visiting site from the web. A good site is, where you will be given expert tips in decorating from their professional chefs.


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