Easy Cake Decorating Designs, Techniques, Tips and Ideas for Beginners
Easy Cake Decorating Designs, Techniques, Tips and Ideas for Beginners
Dec 21, 2010
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A special occasion needs an unordinary food like cakes! You can spend a lot of money by purchasing cakes from bakeries and bakeshops. Better, you can just bake a home-made cake and make it special by decorating it. You can learn easy cake decorating ideas that you can easily follow. By knowing these tips, I can say that you have the will to make that ordinary cake to an extraordinary cool cake. Enlisted below is an example of an easy cake decorating techniques:

Icing the Cake

Commonly, you want start with smoothing icing all over the cake. In order to get a smooth surface, you have to make sure that the cake is completely cooled and the frosting that you will need is not too thick. Using thinner icing will surely make that smooth finish because it can be easily spread throughout the cake.

The first thing that you will do is put a very thin layer of frosting all over the cake. This procedure is called the crumb coat. It will avoid the crumbs from getting mixed with the frosting. After that, you can then refrigerate the cake to set the crumb coat and so that the top coat can easily be apply.

Second, make use of an icing spatula to put the second coating of the icing. You can start with a large amount of icing in the top level portion of the cake and then spread it towards the edges of the cake. After covering completely the top portion of the cake, you can start to cover the sides of the cake. As you spin the plate, hold the spatula straight up and down and grasp the edge against the cake so that the sides will be smooth.

For best results, you must try to spread the icing as smooth as possible. A simple thing that you can do is hold the spatula perfectly horizontal, for the top of cake to be smooth. For the sides, try to hold the spatula in perfectly upright position. In addition, you can even dip the spatula in hot water and then dry it. This will give you a smoother side for your cake.

Smoothing the icing on your cakes is maybe the toughest part in decorating cakes. You can practice these decorating techniques that I have said in the upper part of this article to help you achieve that perfect cake that you want to achieve. You can also inquire on sites that offer help in cake decoration. An example site that you can visit is YummyArts.com. It offers help by giving good suggestions in designing your cake. There are also tips from professional chefs that you can just read in this site while you are planning for a cake.

Simple Cake Decorating Tips

  • Using powdered sugar – using powdered sugar will give that frosted cake an extra effect. Let’s say your simple frosted cake will be transformed to a snowy field with the use of powdered sugar.

  • Using a Stencil – by using a stencil, you can easily create geometric designs. These geometric designs will surely give a make over for the top of your cake.

  • Using three-dimensional designs- purchasing ready to use figures such as candy canes, candy flowers and cartoons that are made edible. These things will surely give a new look for you cake.

  • Using Sprinkles – Sprinkles such candy, cashew nuts, shredded coconut, chocolate shaving and slices of fruits will make your cake more appetizing.

  • Use of decorating comb or decorating triangle – decorating triangle is a piece of plastic or metal with a variety of shapes for its edges. Dragging a decorating comb along the frosting will surely help you in smoothing the icing.


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