How to Build Bigger Muscle
How to Build Bigger Muscle
Jun 21, 2009
This lesson will focus on achieving BIGGER muscle!
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Classroom: How To Build Muscle Fast - Muscle Building Tips And Guide

Hello everyone,

I hope you have not been irritated by my standard of starting my lessons with a hello. This is some sort of basic courtesy to me. Now, this lesson will totally focus on how to build bigger muscle. But mentioning bigger, I mean thicker and larger in mass. Let us begin!

Firstly, I will talk about the fear of overtraining. Overtraining seems to be one of the biggest problems for new bodybuilders. They hit the gym everyday and cause daily damage to their muscles. However, there is another problem with the fear of overtraining. As long as your muscles feel totally fine after a workout, feel free to continue on the next day. Although the usual gauge is to leave a day of rest between workouts, you do not have to follow it if you workout only twice a week. This tip is for people who hit the gym as often as 5 days in a week!

Next, I will share with you the cruel fact of muscle growth. Even if you have a perfect muscle building routine, your muscles are not going to grow if you do not eat enough calories. By not eating enough calories and expecting your muscles to grow, you are demanding a car without petrol to move. Gauge the amount of calories you need by multiplying your body weight in pounds by 18. This is the optimal amount of calories you should eat to grow. However, do not open a few packets of potato chips thinking that they will help you in your muscle growth. Eat the correct high quality calories!

Lastly, i believe you have heard about lifting heavy for mass gains. Although many have heard of this simple logic, many are actually not doing it the correct way. Here's what i mean. Lifting 10kg dumb bells for a bicep curl is light. However, lifting 20kg for a bicep curl is still light! The correct exercises that allow you to lift heavy weights are compound exercises like the bench press and squats. A beginner would easily bench 50kg after a month. This is what i call heavy. To gain muscle mass quickly, you will need to focus on compound exercises. Increase your weights consistently to demand growth from your muscles!

These 3 tips are important if you are focusing on increasing muscle mass. Although they're not all, they are the most common mistakes that most bodybuilders do not realize. Correct these 3 mistakes and you should be much better off in your quest!


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