Muscle Building Foods
Muscle Building Foods
Jun 21, 2009
This lesson will show you which are the correct muscle building foods to eat!
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Classroom: How To Build Muscle Fast - Muscle Building Tips And Guide

Hello everyone,

we have heard alot about eating the correct muscle building foods for muscle growth. However, do you know which are the correct food that you should eat? In this lesson, i will share with you what are my favourite muscle food and how can they help you in gaining muscles.

Firstly, i will introduce to you a fish that is high in protein. Have you ever taken salmon? I hope you are glad to hear that it is a muscle food as it can be prepared to taste really good! 6 ounce of salmon can give you 33 grams of protein and also some fatty acids. By consuming an optimal amount of omega3 fatty acid, your body can reduce the amount of daily fat storage from glucose.

Secondly, my favourite food, eggs. Eggs are tasty and easy to prepare. Protein from eggs are easily broken down into amino acids by our body and hence, you will have a high level of protein absorption. Anyone feels like cracking some eggs now? Remember to stay off the egg yolk as it is high in colesterol and unhealthy fats.

Next, i am going to introduce you a drink. Speaking about muscle building foods, milk seems to be the most well known drink for muscle gains. However, it is not on my introductory list today. Before you begin your workouts, you will require high amounts of energy for better results. Apple juice can provide you with fast and long lasting energy due to the presense of glucose and fructose.

Lastly, i would recommend you to eat white bread after you finish your workouts. White bread is a carbohydrate that is quickly digestable and absorbed by our body. By introducing a fast digesting carbohydrate to your body immediately after a muscle building workout, you are increasing your insulin levels which leads to an earlier start to growing the muscles that you have worked out in the gym.

I hope you have a complete meal here to try out for the day. Do not think about having these for tomorrow. Find the correct food and start eating them today!


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