Nokia 2323C - Review, Rating and Comparison
Nokia 2323C - Review, Rating and Comparison
Mar 2, 2010
This article speaks about the features of the phone 2323c, with its merits and demerits highlighted. The article will bring to the knowledge of the reader, the good and the bad in the phone.
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Product Description:

Nokia 2323 classic is a mobile phone, which is a hybrid of the basic model phones and the advanced model phones like the ones that come with the blue tooth and the mp3, mp4 facilities. The product is an affordable one with acceptable features and quality.


Form: Classic

Dimensions: 107 x 46 x 13.8 mm

Weight: 76g (with battery)

Volume: 57cc

Main display Size: 1.8"

Resolution: 128 x 160 pixels

Up to 65,000 colours

Numeric keypad

Dedicated FM radio key

Large keys - easy to use

Colours and covers

Available in-box colours: Black, Dark blue/dark gray

Connectors: 2.5 mm Nokia AV connector

Memory : 32 MB internal dynamic memory

Power : BL-5C 1020 mAh Li-Ion battery

Talk time (maximum): -4 h

Standby time (maximum): -540 h

Design And Features:

The phone, Nokia 2323c is a stylish and economical mobile phone which has the advanced features of higher end models at a lower cost. The phone is slim and sleek with a weight of 76g only. The phone has a long standing battery that is so lucrative for the user. The phone comes with Bluetooth technology embedded in it. There is a non expandable internal memory in it. The internal memory as said in the web site of Nokia is 32 Mb. But actually only 10 Mb is present. There is no cable for connectivity with the pc. The phone can accommodate two or three songs. You may delete the games to free up some memory. Just like other phones you can transfer data via Bluetooth. New themes can be installed. If you need to have more songs you can use the mp3 compressor to compress them on your pc. Then transfer it to your phone via Bluetooth. Mp4 format videos can be stored in the phone.


The phone’s performance is so good for the cheaper cost that is comes for. The long standing battery is a gem in its crown. Bluetooth technology is so cool for a cost of $60. The phone’s speaker is of such affine quality that is screams so loud for any song. The audio quality is of the cadre of concert. Videos are played in fine resolution.

The Good:

Speaking about the merits of the phone, the long standing battery is appreciable. The fine audio quality is agreeable. The weightless design is an added advantage. Bluetooth headset can be coupled to the phone. Additional java based soft wares can be installed.

The Bad:

The demerits of the phone can be listed out as follows. The internal memory is only 10Mb and it is not expandable. There is no port for connecting directly with the pc except the Bluetooth technology.

The Bottomline:

But for the only constrain of non expandable memory and the limit of conversing only via Bluetooth, the phone is excellent for a low price of Rs.2, 600/-.

Rating: **** 4 stars

4 Stars (Excellent): A product with 4 star rating scores high on its overall performance and usability. This product meets all of its intended users' needs and has no significant drawbacks.


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