Resume - Where to Find Nursing Career Resume Samples and Example
Resume - Where to Find Nursing Career Resume Samples and Example
Feb 10, 2010
Resume Writing - Where to find nursing career resume samples and examples. Information and tips on finding a nursing resume sample online.
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A career in nursing can be exciting and challenging; it also covers a wide field with positions in many different areas. Nurses can be employed in a hospital environment, including emergency medicine; in doctor’s offices, schools and even corporate offices. Wherever anyone needs treatment a nurse can be found; this includes the military and overseas operations.

Nurses obtain their education at the university level and then in nursing school. This is not where it ends though as nurses continue their education and training long after they have graduated. Every year or two a nurse must take training lessons in new equipment and also be re-certified to continue practicing.

If a nurse is in the military or working for a charity organization that works overseas, they get a chance to help those who wouldn’t normally get medical attention and care. Most of these nurses feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing they have helped people who might not have normally gotten it.

Writing a resume for a nursing career should include all your education and training, relevant experience and work history. Qualifications should be highlighted and any special training you have acquired should be listed as well. Online sites where you can find samples of nursing resumes can be found at the following locations.

Sample Resume Templates

This site includes resumes for nurses including registered, emergency, palliative care, and even head nurse. The site also includes other careers in the medical profession, plus finding a resume writer.

Sample Resumes

This site includes nursing resume samples and examples, plus some information on how to write your resume. It includes samples for many fields in nursing.


This site includes resume samples for the nursing field as well as other professions. You can research employers from this site as well as learn more about colleges and education.


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