Resume - Where to Find Office Manager Resume Samples and Examples
Resume - Where to Find Office Manager Resume Samples and Examples
Feb 9, 2010
Resume Writing - Where to find Office Manager Resume samples and examples. Information and tips on where to find samples of resumes for office managers.
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A career as an office manager can be interesting and challenging and includes many demands on your time and skills. Being an office manager can include duties such as bookkeeping, records keeping, store operations, personnel management and even dealing with faulty equipment.

Office managers work in a variety of environments ranging from a warehouse type of environment, factory or corporate fields. Depending on which area you are focusing on, you will need different sets of skills in order to perform your job. Of course management skills are a must as well as knowing how to deal with employees in a fair manner. In factory and warehouse environments the office manager might need to have some technical training and some know how of equipment.

To become an office manager often the person will work their way into the position after starting at an entry level position. Some college might be needed for some companies and more specific areas where schooling is needed. To write a resume for an office manager you can use either a chronological or functional resume and simply tailor it to the position you are applying for.

There are online samples and examples to choose from and sites will also give step by step instructions on what to include to make your resume stand out from the crowd. Here are some sites that include free office manager resume samples:

Sample Resume Templates

The site includes free samples of resumes of office managers as well as many other careers. It includes links for finding a resume writer and you can submit your own resume samples to them as well.


The site includes articles on resume writing, information and tips on how to make your resume stand out; as well as sample resumes for office manager as well as other careers.

Free Resume Examples

/The site offers free resume samples for many careers, job search and articles on job related issues.

Professional Resumes

This site offers free samples of office manager resumes, plus many other careers. It also includes cover letter writing, writing tips, job search and even interview readiness.


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