Resumes - Where to Find Restaurant Workers Sample Resumes
Resumes - Where to Find Restaurant Workers Sample Resumes
Feb 8, 2010
Resume Writing - Where to find restaurant workers sample resumes. Information on finding free samples of resumes for restaurant workers.
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There are many careers in the restaurant industry, ranging from chef, restaurant owner, manager, hostess, line cook, sous chef and waiter. Each position has their own skills, responsibilities and challenges. Working in a restaurant is a demanding and rewarding career that can bring a sense of self accomplishment.

While some restaurants require a chef or sous chef to have some culinary training, not all do expect this and will train from the first day hired. It takes an aptitude in flavor creation and a passion for food. Restaurant workers depending on the area you work in will require long hours and a dedication to your work. Customer service is a plus in this industry and enjoying being around others.

Writing a resume for this industry is straightforward and includes contact information, education, work history/experience, qualifications and references. It’s important to highlight your assets and abilities, while showing the potential employer what you are capable of bringing to their company. Always show why you are the right person for them.

There are some free samples of restaurant worker resumes online that you can tailor to suit the position you are applying for. Here are some sites you can try:

Sample Resumes

This site includes free sample resumes for many restaurant jobs, information on what to include and how to write a resume that stands out. It includes resume writing tips and also includes many other career sample resumes.

Job Bank USA

This site includes sample resume for restaurant workers as well as other careers, information on writing resumes, tips to make your resume stand out, how to write a cover letter and job searches.

Free Sample Resumes

This site includes free sample resumes for restaurant workers as well as other professions. Information for job seekers, job searches it also includes information on student loans.


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