Sinus Headache Symptoms Cure and Remedies
Sinus Headache Symptoms Cure and Remedies
Nov 9, 2010
Find out more about Sinus Headache, its symptoms and what remedies should you use to be relieved from the pain the headache brings.
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Sinus headache is a throbbing pain that seems dull and deep in the front area of your head and face. This throbbing pain is actually caused by the inflammation of the sinuses. Sinuses are air-filled cavities around the eyes, cheeks and nose area. Some research say that leaning over or bending over can actually worsen the pain or simple make the pain even more painful. The moment wake up in the morning and getting ready to get out of bed, sinus headache begins often times and eventually cease down during the afternoon. The sinus headache symptoms are somehow similar to the symptoms of tension headaches and migraines. These similarities among these different types of headache are the reason why this illness is difficult to diagnose.

One of the many sinus headache symptoms is a pressure like pain in one certain part or area of the head or the face. This can be behind the eyes or along the temples or other more areas in the head. Another symptom of this illness is that the face is tender to touch. If the pain becomes worse because of a sudden movement of the head like bending forward, then you are more likely to have a symptom of sinus headache. Another more symptom is when you feel more pain in the morning that any other time of the day. This is because while you are asleep the mucus collects and drains all throughout the night. If the pain becomes worse when there is sudden change of temperature, for example from a very cold air conditioned room then going outside where there is a warm climate or to another room which is very hot and warm, then you may possess this illness. Lastly, if the headache usually starts just right after or when you have a bad cold then you indeed have one of the symptoms of sinus headache.

To an illness you should always find the cause of the illness first. If you have a sinus headache due to a sinus inflammation then the very great way to treat it is to cure the sinus inflammation. For medication type of treatment you should always seek the prescription of your doctor to avoid any mistake regarding the treatment of this sickness, although the doctor may just advice you to take antibiotics or sometimes corticosteroids. Other treatments are also available like changing your lifestyle. Change of lifestyle into a better one will not just help you remedy sinus headache but also other mire illnesses. Herbs or dietary supplements can also help in prevention of sinus headache by means of preventing flu or colds and making your immune system strong and tough against diseases. Other more treatments or remedies for this illness are homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic.

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