Watch Free Movies Online (Full Length) Best Movie Download Sites
Watch Free Movies Online (Full Length) Best Movie Download Sites
Jan 5, 2011
Find out how to watch full length free movies online and recommendation for the best movie download sites.
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It should not come at a surprise that for many years, people have been able to watch free movies online. However, it was not only recently that we would say it is ‘entertaining’ to watch full length movies for free at home online. In order to enjoy a movie, picture quality is very important and this was somehow affect by connection speed previously – an infrastructure problem.

With internet connection speed (broadband) getting faster by the day, it is now possible to stream high definition (HD) quality videos from the best movie download sites to your computer. Plus the fact that our computer screen display better colour resolutions and bigger screen size now also make it more entertaining for us to catch that latest blockbuster movies on our computer.

There are a couple of free options when it comes to watch free movies online:

1. Popular video streaming sites - We are talking about the likes of,, and Probably 3 years back, you will be able to find the latest movies uploaded by users around the world. However, in recent years, these sites have been hit with copyrights issues and started to ban users and take down videos that infringe copyrights. It is difficult or rather almost impossible to catch any full length movies on these sites nowadays. If you can find any, it’s probably the movie trailers and certain parts of the movie only. My advice is to move on with time. Don’t waste your time searching for the latest movies on these sites.

2. Dodgy movie 'streaming websites' - I’ll not list them here, however they are very easy to locate. Simply go to Google, type in “watch movie name free online” or “movie name free movies download sites” and these websites are probably on the first page. These websites do not stream videos to be exact. They provide plenty of links for you to watch the movies that you are looking for. The next thing you know, a browser pop up and tell you that you are the lucky winner to certain prizes because you are the xxxxth visitors. Or when you follow the links to another site, they will ask you to fill up a form, download a game or toolbar before you can watch the movie for free. My advice is never to download anything from these dodgy websites. These sites are known to be created by hackers who spread virus or try to steal personal information from your computer.

3. Paid File Sharing Sites - We are talking about the likes of RapidShare and MegaVideos. Originally created for users to share files easily online. Such sites have become the breeding ground for users to share movies and music files as well. Users have to pay an annual subscription to download files. I would not recommend such sites for many reasons. Firstly, it is illegal to share and download movies from such sites. Secondly, the movie that you are looking for might not always be available. It is wiser not to waste your time here.

4. Legal movies membership sites - If you have friends telling you that it’s possible to find anything online, I would absolutely agree with them. The only issue here is whether you have so much time to waste searching for that movie that you are aching to watch and for subsequent movies as well?

To be honest, it’s simply not productive to spend your time that way. With a couple of great legal movie streaming and downloading sites coming up, it is really your best option.

How it works: It is very simple. You pay once or yearly (it’s not expensive at all, depending on the site.) and you get to be a member and have unlimited access to the sites database of movies. A good example would be a video rental shop membership. The only difference is that you download or watch the movies online instead of walking into the neighbourhood store to get the physical copy.

Reputable, Secure and Fast Downloading Movies Membership sites

There are a couple of movie membership sites coming up in the market and it’s not possible for you to pick the best one yourself, unless you join all of them. Based on our personal experience and many members put together, we believe that MoviesCapital is one of the best in the marketplace based on their good reputation, secure environment (no ads, no virus and pop ups), quick downloading speed and a huge database of movies, especially the latest blockbusters in theatres.

Here’s a quick checklist to see what you will get with MoviesCapital:

- Enjoy the latest full length movies of all genres, from Action, Thrillers, Horror, Cartoons, Family Movies, Drama to All Time Classics Movies!

- Flexible - Ability to download and burn movies into dvds format and play it on your big LCD screens to enjoy with the whole family

- Easy - Step-by-step easy to follow instruction and software to convert your downloads are provided

- 100% secure – No irritating pop up, adware and spyware

- Extra Bonus: Satellite TV software on your PC (How about turning your PC into your television as well?

- Affordable - You will get all the above for a one time membership fees of $39.95

Do yourself and your family a favour. Spend time watching and enjoying the latest movies with your families rather than searching for free movies download online. Visit and check out MoviesCapital now. I’m pretty confident you will not be disappointed with this low one-time investment.

(p.s. In any case, there is a money back guarantee. If you don’t like what you see, you get your money back. There’s really no risk to be honest.)

I hope this article helps you realize what is the best way to watch free movies online.

Movies Capital - Unlimited Legal Full Length Movies Downloads


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