Women Fitness Equipment
Women Fitness Equipment
Jul 8, 2009
There are many fitness companies that manufacture women fitness equipments. From body weights to home gym machines, you will be surprised with the amount of different equipments that can help you maintain your fitness at home.
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Classroom: Physical Fitness For Woman - Workouts And Equipments

You should be surprised that today, not only men are searching for fitness equipments. Women are often so busy with their kids, household chores and work that they do not have sufficient time to go to a gym for a workout. Hence, there are many fitness companies that manufacture fitness equipments for women. From body weights to home gym machines, you will be surprised with the amount of different equipments that can help you maintain your fitness at home. Here in this lesson, i will introduce some of the equipments to you.


Firstly, we have weights like dumbbells and barbells. Dumbbells and barbells pretty much make a gym. You will understand why i'm saying this when you find a huge variety of dumbbell and barbell exercises available on the internet. However, dumbbells and barbells require alot of balance. Without due care, users might injure themselves easily. That is why some women prefer using small machines.

Have you ever heard of hydralic fitness machines? These are wonderful fitness equipments that are safe and relatively small in size. At the official site of ShapesForWomen, you will find hydralic fitness machines that provide you with hydralic resistance for many exercises. Examples of some exercise machines are the Upright Row, Abdominal, Chest press, Shoulder Press and Squat machines. As you can see, there are a huge range of machines that you can choose from. These machines all use hydralic resistance.

If you require many of these machines for your different body parts, i suggest you look at some 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 power fitness machines. Panther fitness manufactures some of these machines. For example, the 2 in 1 combination machine combines 4 exercises. With 1 machine, you can perform the Lat Pull Down, Shoulder Press, Chest Press and the Lat Lateral Pull. For the 3 in 1 Total Power Fitness Machine, you can perform 6 exercises! By buying these machines instead, you will save up on alot of cash and space in your house.

Lastly, there is still a cheap and portable equipment that you can bring with you even if you are travelling overseas. Have you tried using resistance bands? Resistant bands are bands made of rubber. These bands can be used to train every muscle group in your body. It is also portable and cheap. You can get a resistance band anywhere between fifteen to thirty dollars. These resistance bands requires effort and strength to stretch. For example, you can step on one end of the band with your feet while you perform bicep curls on the other end.


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