Women Stretching Exercises
Women Stretching Exercises
Jul 8, 2009
A flexible body lowers your risk of injury and back pain. Stretching can also allow better blood circulation to your joints. In this lesson, i will share with you some women stretching exercises.
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Flexibility is important to a female as muscle size is to a man. Research shows that if a woman adds flexibility exercises like stretching in their workouts, they will gain twenty percent more strength as compared to women who do not practice stretching exercises. Being flexible has many benefits. A flexible body lowers your risk of injury and back pain. Stretching can also allow better blood circulation to your joints.

When you do stretching, you have to do it slowly. Gradually stretch your muscles before holding the stretch for fifteen to thirty seconds. Do not jerk while stretching. Now, let us learn some women stretching exercises.

First, stretch your neck by doing neck holds. Hold your head towards your left and hold it there for fifteen seconds. Next, release your hold and repeat to the right.

Secondly, you should stretch your triceps by doing the behind head tricep stretch. Bend your elbow and place your left arm behind your neck. Using your right hand, hold your left elbow and pull it towards your right. Remember, your arms should be behind your head.

Next, we will stretch your elbows by doing the front body cross. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Straighten your right arm and reach across your body. Use your left hand to hold your right arm at the elbow. Pull your biceps towards your chests and hold it for fifteen seconds. Release and repeat by stretching your right arm.

Next, let us proceed to your abdominal muscles. We will do the prone abdominal stretch. Lie on the floor, face down. Place both your hands in front of your body and use them to push your body upwards. Your body and arms should be straight. Hold the position for ten seconds when you feel a stretch at your abdominals.

Lastly, we will stretch your inner thighs. For this muscle, we will do the seated inner thigh stretch. Sit on the floor with your legs bent at the knee. Close your legs and allow both your feet to touch each other in front of you. Use your hands to push your knees downwards as you lean forward. Remember to tuck in your feet as close to your body as possible.


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